2D Fantasy Animated Character Vol.2

“2D Fantasy Animated Character Vol.2” is the animation character of the “flower girl” whom 16 kinds of motions are included in.

I have already finished a hit judgment and a judgment of the key input, the shift of the animation to operate a character in a game from the moment when you placed this asset in the scene.In addition, I prepare character data of three kinds of size of “1024×1024” “512×512” “256×256”.Therefore the saving of data to application is possible.You may devote yourself to game development without bothering you in them.



Character on the basis of size of “1024×1024” becomes available.


Character on the basis of size of “512×512” becomes available.


Character on the basis of size of “256×256″ becomes available.


Material to use for the Demo scene enters.

When you incorporate it in your game, you may delete it in this folder.


Scripts to use for the drawing of the character or the management of the animation enter.

Please never delete the thing of this inside not to work normally when I delete this folder.


1,”Assets” I choose one of three folders of “02_flower_girl_large” right under the folder “02_flower_girl_midium” “02_flower_girl_small” and place Prefab named “ps_chara_2_flower_girl_Control” of the inside in the scene.

2,You come to be able to operate it with a key when you play the scene.

■Operation method in the Demo scene

Right and left key            :    Walk motion

x key + right or left key    :    Dash motion

z key            :    Light attack

z key + up key        : Medium attack

z key + bottom key        : Strong attack

space key        :    Jump motion

c key            :    A motion at the time of the defense. Both the thunder and the bomb are invalid during this motion.

s key            :    Motion when he was chosen

f key            :    Motion when he died

q key            :    Victory motion

w key            :    Defeat motion

(when he is exposed to a bomb and thunder, it is had of a lot of and shifts to a motion)

■List of motions

00_Ready         :    Loop possibility.TotalFrame=60.A motion when a character was chosen.

01_Idle            :    Loop possibility.TotalFrame=120.A motion at the time of the wait.

02_Block_Idle        :    Loop possibility.TotalFrame=120.A motion at the time of the defense.

03_Stunned_Idle    :    Loop possibility.TotalFrame=100.A motion when he seem to faint.

04_Walk            :    Loop possibility.TotalFrame=80.Walk motion.

05_Damage        :    Loop possibility.TotalFrame=1.A motion when he received an attack.

06_Attack_1        :    Loop possibility.TotalFrame=41.Light attack.

07_Attack_2        :    Loop possibility.TotalFrame=81.Medium attack.

08_Attack_3        :    Loop possibility.TotalFrame=161.Strong attack.

09_Jump            :    Loop impossibility.TotalFrame=82.A motion before changing from a jump to a stay in air motion.

10_Fly_Idle        :    Loop possibility.TotalFrame=20.A motion at the time of the stay in air.

11_Fall            :    Loop impossibility.TotalFrame=40.A motion when he land.

12_Death            :    Loop impossibility.TotalFrame=74.Motion when he died

13_Run            :    Loop possibility.TotalFrame=50.Dash motion

14_Victory        :    Loop possibility.TotalFrame=120.Victory motion.

15_Lose            :    Loop possibility.TotalFrame=80.Defeat motion.


I can transfer the motion by operating “mode_motion” which is the variable of the “Animator” in the “ps_chara_2_flower_girl” prefab house component when I control the movement of the character on a script.

As you describe it as a test sample in “DrawMode/Script/playerMgr.cs”, please refer to it.

■Version history

1.0    :    Released


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